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Sew WE Quilt: #8 Guest at Wantobe Quilters- its Em with "It's Ci...


today it is for our Wantobe's
( those who have no quilting tools)
and for the Quilt Blogger ( sponsor)
look at what we have for them...( below basket)

( wantobe quilters giveaway)

Ok First this HEART Shaped sewing basket
from the Eleanor Burns collection..
is one great company sponsor.
YOU can tell a lot about a company
who tells you " go in my store and pick what you want"
Ok Jane from Jane's Fabric did the pickings..
Egads...I still might be

She chose needles, sewing threads ..
OHHH look Presencia thread is in there...
and Finca #8 for embroidery...
oh yes and every needle you can imagine..
seam ripper, pins and finger protectors...
check, check, check....

Ohhhh and another terrific sponsor
Famore Cutlery sent some scissors...very fine german ones
sew we threw in a pair of those too.!
( all that is for our Wantobe)

(blog sponsor)

And since she needs to be sponsored
How about these fat quarters of the newest
collection of CITRON/GRAY
from Michael Miller..?
I heart Michael Miller,
they are always there for us and we sew appreciate
their generosity and their most amazing collections.

Sew this is for our Quilting Blog Sponsor.

SEW here we are....Day 8 in giveaways
and YOU are still HERE in fact you have
brought along a few friends...
That is NICE....Ü

Winner chosen in the next 24 HOURS.

Thanks Em, Thank you Colonial Needle,
Thank you Famore, Thank you Michael Miller

 Новый день и новые призы. Присоединяйтесь к розыгрышам. Они проходят каждый понедельник,среду и пятницу для начинающих (у которых нет машинок,материала,инструментов)
И каждый вторник и пятницу для тех кто уже в этом асс.
Подробности об розыгрышах тут.
Желаю удачи!

понедельник, 8 августа 2011 г.

Sign up here for the Wantobe quilters campaign

wows. Here is what you should do:

1. Sign up as a follower of my blog and of  Stashmanicure.

2. Mail me your name, email, adress and phonenumber for the registration to
I'm a wantobe quilters campaign blogger. I'll take care of the registration for you.

3. Each Monday, Wednesday or Friday you can leave a comment at the Stashmanicure if you are Wantobe quilter and you are in for some wonderful giveaways. Don't forget to mention my name!

Post about the Wantobe quilters campaign

Перевод через Google (не очень хороший),но понять суть можно))

wows. Вот что вы должны сделать:

1. Зарегистрироваться в качестве последователя моего блога и Stashmanicure.

2. Написать мне( )ваше имя, адрес электронной почты для регистрации      
 Я wantobe Квилтерс кампании блоггер. Я позабочусь о регистрации для вас.

3. Каждый понедельник, среду или пятницу вы можете оставить свой комментарий на Stashmanicure если вы Wantobe Quilter и вы находитесь в некоторые замечательные призы. Не забудьте указать мое имя при комментарии 

Сообщение о кампании Wantobe Квилтерс