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Sew WE Quilt: Guest #11 of our Wantobe Quilters

Guest #11 of our Wantobe Quilters - Jera with Rainy Days Tutorial by Quilting in the Rain
Editors note:
Perhaps it is your colors you chose Jera, ( which are downright lovely) and greens...
it put me in the Christmas our giveaway today will be...

GIVEAWAY for Wantobes...
( those who have nothing, unless of course you
win today)
is lovely collection of 2 ROLLS of 2.5 inch stips and 6 mix yardages..
Ready Set and Snow.... Brand new Winter collection... could be yours..
This from our sponsor today
1choice 4 quilting
( weren't they generous? )

Please follow JERA at Quilting in the Rain..
let us know you followed her..
Be a follower here, let us know...
Please tell us you are a Wantobe or Quilter..
( you can both comment any fact
encouraged as there will be a draw for the most
comments entered..all of those who qualify... will be entered for a grand prize)

And please let 1 choice 4 Quilting you appreciate them
and JERA of course...
They have a lovely online store, be sure to check it out..
Their service, their prices are AMAZINGLY good!

Our Sponsor Gift today will win these....

from Susan Branch 2012 wall calendar
Wooden purse handles from Bag Lady
and Comfort cutter from True Cut..

WE do read all of your comments
but on average I am getting over 10,000 emails daily...
( we have many subscribers which generates thousands
of comments in my inbox too. sew please understand
I am 1 person managing this campaign...)

If you need my attention for anything URGENT,
just put that in the subject
line...I will respond!                                     
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